Fashinator, small and delicate constructions that seem to defy gravity.

Hats, scenographic in various shapes and sizes.

I pay particular attention to these accessories by experimenting with new materials and solutions.
Geometries, virtuosity and light veils make the looks mysterious, giving the allure of a divas.

The milliner is one of the most ancient and fascinating professions.
I work my hats with vintage tools and shapes by adopting artisan techniques in a sort of celebration of the ancient art of the hat.

Each piece is designed and made with care and the shape created, the finishes, the decorations are the result of tradition, innovation and research.

In the show and on the catwalks of high fashion, the hat plays a very important role, clearly showing its value.
From the most classic to the most glamorous shapes, the aim is to create unforgettable style accents.

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