I am Elisa Leclé.

My research moves in two areas: art and fashion.
Fashion artisan, my vision is wide-ranging.

I apply the technique in a transversal way, experimentation and innovation are my priorities.

Aesthetic research and the balance between solutions lead me to a constantly evolving path in fashion and art. My work in fashion tells a personal artisan path dedicated to this material in a traditional way, using the technique for an innovative application.
The experiences in the sartorial, theatrical and artistic fields led me to a personal vision in which the projects, the realization, the finishes and the choice of alternative materials, follow a very specific process: high quality, style, originality, attention to detail .

 I evade seductive technical virtuosity in favor of wide-ranging effects: live cuts, light unraveling in the finishes, unexpected details, volumetric and spatial shapes, are combined with lightness and transparency.
The haute couture creations follow the silhouette and then free themselves into space through captivating and glamorous shapes.

Alchemy, materials treated and transformed in texture and color, stratagems, balances between scenic and functional elements make each dress a unique creation .

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