In the artistic field I express myself in abstract pictorial works by working the canvases in an artisanal way, creating a sort of "patchwork fashion",

on which I "project" my abstract painting.
The work "Projections" is an example of this, geometric sections of clothes, parts of hats, "les objects trouvée" form the second level of the large canvas to observe, in the foreground, a surreal landscape.



The works, often sequences of polyptychs, tell my personal professional and artistic story, leading to contemporary visions in continuous evolution.
The works naturally follow creative cycles, which betray the desire for a certain color and a certain shape, at a precise moment in my life.



For this reason, if we wanted to "catalog and frame" my works can be determined in "Collections", where the research of materials, technique, details, compose moving images in search of light and musicality, subtracting superfluous elements.
Space, light, shapes in motion, matter, are the founding elements of my personal research.

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